School Growth Boot camp  

Atlanta, GA | June 11, 2019


Why Should I Attend the School Growth Bootcamp?

This bootcamp will transform the way you think about marketing your private Christian school. You will hear powerful stories from school leaders (just like you!) who have struggled to grow their school, then made changes using Schola's proven system.

You'll learn about the strategies that enabled school enrollment growth and financial stability. 

You will be empowered with techniques to ignite your Word of Mouth marketing strategy using school story marketing to separate your school from your competitors and connect with Millennial parents. 

We are structuring the School Growth Bootcamp so it's not just us teaching you how to market your school with the latest tips and tricks, but more importantly, to change your thinking about what school marketing should be about in 2020 and beyond.

If you can change your beliefs about how to market your school, then we can help you by giving you practical ways to get amazing enrollment results.

You do not want to miss this. We have limited seats available so that we can create a close-knit environment for attendees to maximize value and benefit from the School Growth Bootcamp.

Do I need to be a member of the Association of Classical & Christian Schools to attend?

This event is planned for the day prior to the Repairing the Ruins Conference at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. However, you do not need to be associated in any way to the ACCS. We welcome all private and Christian school leaders.

Who will be speaking?

The School Growth Bootcamp will feature Ralph Cochran and Schola's leadership team. You'll also learn from several successful Schola clients and a few VIP guest speakers, including Dr. Steve Turley, Don Carmichael, and Kelly Blake.

Will I have time to network with other school marketers?

Absolutely! Not only will you benefit from Schola’s team but you'll also interact with other school administrators, marketers, and admissions directors from around the country. We all can collaborate and learn from one another.

What's on the agenda?

  • Learn marketing strategies that attract mission appropriate families to your school.
  • Define a retention strategy that encourages a stable school community.
  • Discover top school fundraising opportunities that appeal to Millennial families.
  • Be inspired by leaders in the Christian school movement.
  • Network with other school leaders from around the country.




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Event Speakers
Ralph Cochran

Ralph Cochran

President | Schola Inbound Marketing
Don Carmichael

Don Carmichael

Founder & CEO | The Champion Group
Stephen Turley Ph.D.

Stephen Turley Ph.D.

Youtuber, Author & Speaker |
Sue Carback

Sue Carback

Senior Account Manager | Schola Inbound Marketing
David Pennington Ph.D.

David Pennington Ph.D.

General Manager | Schola Inbound Marketing
Sheila McDoniel

Sheila McDoniel

Chief Operating Officer | Covenant Christian Academy
Kelly Blake

Kelly Blake

President | IGC
Agenda of the Day


7:30 AM Registration and Networking  
8:00 AM Opening Remarks, Introductions and Overview Dr. David Pennington
8:10 AM Story Marketing Your School's Growth Ralph Cochran
9:00 AM Getting Practical 1: What is Your Epiphany Story? Ralph Cochran
9:30 AM Implementing and Inbound Marketing Strategy: What It Is and How To Do It Sue Carback & Ralph Cochran
10:30 AM Getting Practical 2: Content Brainstorm Session Sue Carback
11:30 AM School Growth Stories: Turn Around Story, Covenant Christian Academy, TX Sheila McDoniel
12:00 PM LUNCH & NETWORKING Hotel or Nearby Restaurants
1:15 PM VIP Keynote: Ready or Not! Here Comes the Global Rise of Christian Education Dr. Steve Turley
2:30 PM Getting Practical 3: Group Presentations Sue Carback
3:15 PM Outside the Box: Unique Enrollment Growth Strategies Towards Financial Sustainability Kelly Blake
4:15 PM Outside the Box: Creatively Funding School Growth Don Carmichael
5:15 PM Q&A Panel Steve, Kelly, Don, Ralph, Sue, David
6:00 PM Putting It All Together & Next Steps Ralph Cochran
7:00 PM DINNER & NETWORKING Hotel or Nearby Restaurants


Co-Sponsored by The Champion Group
The Champion Group


The Champion Group conducts major fundraising events for Christian ministries, schools and select charities throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Champion brings the experience from over 2,600 major fundraising events that have been conducted in 48 states and throughout Canada.  These events have raised well over $100 million to date.  The heart of Champion is to help schools accomplish greater mission impact through effective fundraising.


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