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Learn & Do On Your Own

 Schola Inbound Marketing's website is packed with blog articles, ebooks, webinars and videos that teach and guide private school administrators, admission directors and marketing staff to market their schools more effectively and get enrollment results.  


School Growth Marketing System:

We Coach & Guide You

Schola University's D-I-Y School Growth Marketing System is a course, support system, and consultative service offered to private school professionals who want to learn and implement inbound marketing strategies on their own. 


PREMIUM Retainer Services:

Done With & For you

With Schola's premium retainer services, our team of marketing professionals partner with your administrative team. Our team specializes in creating and executing marketing, retention, and admissions strategies that get results and increase your school's enrollment. 


"The team at Schola helped us analyze our problem areas, train our staff on inbound marketing techniques, and strategize an implementation plan. I’m particularly grateful for the encouragement and accountability that has helped my staff follow through to meet our goals. This partnership was well worth the investment and I highly recommend Schola for any school looking to reach more students for Christ!"

-Amy Walker, Head of School, Heritage Oak School

“Schola has infused our Admissions Office with traffic, interest, and activity in the short amount of time we have been working with them. Our prospects have increased 500% from this time last year and we are seeing a strong, consistent increase in attendance at Admission events.”

-Keith Castello, Headmaster, Covenant Christian Academy


"We've been impressed by the results we are seeing in the short amount of time they have been working with us."

- David Hawes, Director of Operations, Washington Christian Academy

"Ralph Cochran is an ideal consultant partner--available, insightful and strategic. His work with the marketing team at Cairn has led to a completely new way of looking at social media, content marketing and a new marketing mix that includes these elements."

-Paul Neal, Senior Vice President, Cairn University

Schola's free resources

Learn On Your Own

Sure, the internet is abounding with information and resources about Inbound Marketing. But how do you translate all of that information and apply the best marketing principles to grow enrollment at your private school?

Everything Schola offers runs through the filter: "How does this apply to private schools?" We want to ease the guess work and empower you to do your job with confidence. 

Get started on your journey by subscribing to the Schola blog. You'll also want to download our free ebooks and watch our webinars for even more practical help.

school growth marketing system

School Growth Marketing System

Your school may have staff on hand to carry out marketing tactics in-house, they simply need training and coaching. Rather than partner with Schola as a client, you’d prefer a do-it-yourself approach.

Schola University allows you to benefit from the proven marketing system Schola’s team has developed after working with schools across the country to increase their enrollment. You’ll take courses, participate in group coaching sessions, interact with a like-minded community, and implement school marketing strategies on your own.


Retainer Services

Schola Inbound Marketing provides full agency services to our retainer clients. Our team members are experts at creating school websites that are marketing workhorses, attracting new prospects through content creation, blogging, paid search, SEO, and word of mouth marketing. You'll benefit from our expertise with branding, graphics, and social media.

You'll implement a retention strategy built to keep your current families. Your admissions personnel will form procedures and systems that engage and nurture prospects to enrollment. Our team is here to help your school grow and become a blessing to your community.


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