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What is a Content Manager and Why Does My School Need One?

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Nov 15, 2016 3:00:00 PM
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With today’s parents relying more and more on technology and the internet to get the information they want when they need it, your school website has the potential to become your most powerful marketing vehicle.  And, as we all know, vehicles need fuel.  What fuels a website?  Content.  A consistent flow of quality content designed to attract and engage your audience of school enrollment prospects.  And not just any content, but the right content made available at the right time.

Consistently providing the right content at the right time takes time and energy and is generally a feat requiring the efforts of multiple individuals to achieve.  However, when it comes to maintaining a consistent flow of content to fuel your school marketing efforts, your chances of long term success are limited at best without a designated driver. So who should own this effort?  A Content Manager.

What is a Content Manager?

Simply put, a Content Manager oversees the planning, creation and publishing of content.  Depending on your school marketing strategy, this may include content for web pages, email marketing efforts, social media engagement, premium offerings (ebooks, webinars, etc.), and of course, a school blog.

Let’s take a look at these three areas of responsibility:



Planning begins with the identification of content needs based on a review of the school’s marketing strategy and continues with the setting of publishing goals (e.g. delivery channel, timing, frequency). It also involves developing a game plan to ensure those needs and goals can be met.
A Content Manager’s role in planning involves overseeing the content brainstorming process, ensuring the planned content is aligned with the school’s overall marketing goals and strategy as well as assigning the content to writers.



Once content plans are in place, the Content Manager is responsible for overseeing the content creation process.  This generally includes recruiting writers, providing them with the support they need through coaching and feedback, and holding the writers accountable for meeting content deadlines.  Depending on the individual’s skills and interests, the Content Manager may be responsible for writing content as well.
Other duties include reviewing and editing content as well as ensuring all content aligns with the voice of your school brand.
managing a school blog


Finally, the Content Manager is typically responsible for preparing the content for publishing.  In the case of a school blog, this involves uploading, formatting and scheduling the articles.  Other duties may vary based on the nature of the deliverable (e.g. ebook vs. webinar script) as well as the content channel (e.g. web page vs. social media outlet).

In our experience at Schola, the schools that have had the most success in their content marketing efforts are those who have assigned one individual, a Content Manager, who is responsible for and dedicated to ensuring there is a consistent flow of quality content content designed to attract and engage their audience of school enrollment prospects.

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