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Watch: Stop Wasting Time and Money! How to Improve Your School Enrollment Prospect Experience and Your Conversion Rates With These Two Helpful Tips

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Mar 17, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Executive Summary of Video:

Want to know a sad truth?  Through the years I’ve worked with a number of schools that have  invested quite a bit of time and money on marketing and then failed to capitalize on those efforts by making a few simple mistakes.  Want to learn how you can avoid those same mistakes?



In this video I share two important tips that can lead to an increase in campus visits for you and a much more positive experience for your school enrollment prospects.  In it, I also share:

  • Ways to Incrementally Improve Your Conversion Rates
  • The Benefits of Secret Shopping
  • The Importance of Being Accessible

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Topics: Enrollment Growth, School Marketing, Admissions