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How CRMs can Increase Your School’s Productivity

Does your school use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool? Are you planning on acquiring a CRM software solution soon? Or are you still on the fence about spending for it? Whatever your thoughts are about CRM tools, you’ve likely considered...

7 Benefits Of Marketing Automation For Your School

While school marketing has certainly evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years, marketing automation is still a somewhat unfamiliar concept for educators and the term has yet to become a buzzword in most school circles. What is it and why does...

Should Your Private School Use Video Marketing?

You’re not sick of hearing about video marketing yet, are you?

Hopefully not, for your sake.

We realize we’ve harped on video a lot lately, extolling the praises of its many miraculous marketing benefits and how using video is one of the most...

3 Reasons Your School Marketing Must Use Live Video (& 7 Ideas for When to Do It)

What is a private school's primary admissions objective - and biggest challenge - in its quest to reach new potential families?

My guess is that many of you answered: “Getting them to visit our school.”

True, if you can get a prospective parent to...

Our Recommendations: 9 Tech Solutions for Private School Marketing

Between graphic design, video hosting, email nurturing, enrollment management and beyond, inbound marketing for schools requires many moving parts and a full range of tech savvy.

Does your school have the tools you need to make the process smooth...

Parents Don't Read Your Emails: 7 Private School Communication Tactics

“I didn't know that event was coming up!”

“Oh, the school changed their policy on that?”

“How do I sign up for (insert program here)?”

Do your school faculty and administration members get comments along these lines from parents?

Let me guess; your...

5 Reasons Your Private School Should Use Hubspot to Manage Inbound Marketing

In recent decades, the rise of supercenter stores like Walmart, Target, and Costco underscored our culture’s desire for one-stop shops.

Convenience. Efficiency. Value.

When it comes to your private school marketing activities, wouldn’t you like to...

Are You Communicating Effectively With Your School Community?

Are you frustrated that parents aren’t reading your school newsletter or seem to be overlooking other vital information you are trying to convey to them? If you are and you have been relying too heavily on email as a communication tool, that just...