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7 Ways Your School Can Improve Communication With Parents

Communicating with parents is a critical as well as a challenging task for schools. Despite the fact that advancements in technology make it that much easier for schools to connect with parents these days, that doesn’t mean communication has become...

5 Important Metrics For Your School's Social Media Marketing

“If content is king, then conversion is queen.” — John Munsell, CEO of Bizzuka

Appearing online after the author said it in a conference he paneled about web content management in 2008, this quote has been tweeted, shared, and used in blog...

5 Tips for Creating a Social Media Publishing Calendar for Private Schools

Once you have formed a Social Media strategy for your private school and identified who will manage the efforts, it’s time to create a publishing calendar and start posting.

There is the potential to have many moving parts here, so we suggest that...

10 Things a Private School Needs in a Social Media Manager

Once you have nailed down a Social Media strategy, you are on your way to ensuring that your private school has an online presence that attracts and builds trust in prospective parents and also continues to nurture and provide value to current...

How to Create a Social Media Strategy for a Private School

For many small, private schools, having a presence on social media seems like a luxury. Administrators are busy wading through personnel issues, making curriculum decisions, planning the next school event, and putting out the fire “du jour”. Having...

Why Your School Should Advertise on Facebook... Now!

As an inbound marketing strategist dealing with various social media tools, I am a huge fan of how easy Facebook has made it to advertise on their platform. Unfortunately, for various reasons, many schools do not take advantage of this advertising...

How To Build an “In-House” Stock Photo Library For Your School Website

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  They can also convey a powerful message for your school and improve enrollment lead generation.  With that in mind, it is important to think carefully about the images you feature on your website.

A Money Saving Tip for Schools Advertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising can be very confusing for those who are just getting started.  Example: You visit your school’s Facebook page to check on the status of your latest post and the first thing that jumps out at you is the appealing blue “boost post

2 Quick Tips for Image Re-Sizing for Your School's Facebook Page, Google +, and Other Platforms

 Are you having trouble keeping up with all the constant changes to social media sites?