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Implementing Effective Word of Mouth for Private Schools [An Infographic]

“Giving people a reason to talk about your stuff, and making it easier for that conversation to take place.”

Andy Sernovitz, “Word of Mouth Marketing”

This statement, by itself, defines what word-of-mouth marketing does for you: people talking...

How To Market Your School Effectively To Millennial Moms

When you are developing strategy to attract new parents to your private school, how often do you discuss the specific needs and desires of Millennials, or as they’re also called, Generation Y?

3 Reasons Your School Marketing Must Use Live Video (& 7 Ideas for When to Do It)

What is a private school's primary admissions objective - and biggest challenge - in its quest to reach new potential families?

My guess is that many of you answered: “Getting them to visit our school.”

True, if you can get a prospective parent...

5 Ways to Keep Your School Marketing Momentum Going Through the Summer

Ahhh, summer break.

For your school, it has likely either just begun or it’s peeking right around the corner, mere days away.

It’s a time for you and your tireless, tedious marketing efforts to kick back, close your eyes, and bask in the summer...

10 Tips for Compelling Calls to Action on Your Private School Website

Get more parents to give you their contact information, RSVP for your tours, and apply to your school on your website.

I’m guessing that’s something that you want. And you’re interested in finding out just how to do that, right? So, if that...

7 Ways Your Private Christian School Can Reach Churches & Preschools

If I told you that there were several key locations within a 10 mile radius of your school where you could speak directly to a concentrated group of mission-appropriate families in one place, I’m guessing you would be all in.

You know these...

Why Should Families Choose Your Private School Over Other Schools?

How many schools are out there from which your community of families can choose?

Of course, there’s their neighborhood public school. Charter school. Homeschool. The ritzy boarding school. Catholic school. Montessori academy.

And you.

Tell me,...

How a School Board Can Solve Your School Marketing Problems Once & For All

Spinning in circles.

Trying the same thing all over again with the same poor results.

Shooting blindly.

If any of these statements seem to describe your private school’s marketing efforts in recent years, then we understand (and we’ve seen) your...

School Growth Marketing System: Get Started With Schola University

Do you want to get the ball rolling on an inbound marketing strategy for your school, so you’re moving towards enrollment growth for the next school year? [nod head enthusiastically!]

That’s great!

So, do you know all the pieces that have to work...

3 School Marketing Mistakes You're Making That Ignore the Buyer's Journey

You're in the market for a new car, so you hop online to do some research on potential models, prices, and features. On one of the dealers' websites, when you're perusing their inventory, you see a big “BUY NOW!” button. So you click it and -...