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Watch: Stop Wasting Time and Money! How to Improve Your School Enrollment Prospect Experience and Your Conversion Rates With These Two Helpful Tips

Executive Summary of Video:

Want to know a sad truth?  Through the years I’ve worked with a number of schools that have  invested quite a bit of time and money on marketing and then failed to capitalize on those efforts by making a few simple...

Watch: How to Get More School Enrollment Prospects - Advanced Strategies That Can Help Fuel Your Admissions Funnel

Executive Summary of Video:

A good Admissions Director knows that if you want to successfully convert a school enrollment lead into a prospect you must be able to connect with them first.  But what if you can’t get them to answer their phones or...

Watch: The School Tour is Over… Now What?  Helpful Tips for Converting More School Visitors Into Applicants

Executive Summary of Video:

Have you ever had a promising enrollment prospect, one with whom you thought you made a good impression and forged a strong connection, seemingly fall off the face of the earth after their visit to your school?  Does...

Watch: How to Convert More Visitors Into Applicants - Your Rx for School Tour Success

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Watch: What You Don’t Know About School Branding vs. Story Marketing Could Hurt You - Advice On How to Obtain More Enrollment Prospects

Executive Summary of Video:

Want to know a secret?  The more time I spend working with schools to help them improve their marketing efforts, the less persuaded I am becoming with regard to the significance formal branding plays in helping them...

Watch: Good vs. Bad School Story Marketing

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Watch: Is Storytelling Just a School Marketing Fad?

Executive Summary of Video:

Storytelling has become quite a hot topic in business marketing circles over the past few years, and one that has influenced the school marketing world as well.  With that in mind, let me ask you this: Do you think...

School Marketing Strategy: Key Components of a Successful School Tour

Everything is back in full swing after winter break, second semester has begun...and your admissions office is getting busier with inquiries from prospective families.

Anyone working in private school admissions knows that mid-winter is prime...

The Cost of NOT Doing Inbound Marketing: 10 Things Your School Will Lose

Money. Budget. Finances.

However you talk about it, each of these is almost always classified with the same adjective: tight. Especially for a non-profit, private school seeking to maximize families' tuition investment with a superb education...

Your Brand: What Is It & Why It's Vital to Your School Marketing Strategy

Coca-Cola. Mercedes. Nike. Amazon.When you read each of these brand names, I imagine that an image is immediately conjured in your mind, right?First, it might be the company logo: that globally-recognized bold red with white script markings on a...