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[Watch Now] Ralph Cochran Gets Interviewed by Dr. Steve Turley

The time has come for parents to demand change

It is no longer enough that their children are simply educated, but they need to be prepared with the skills necessary to thrive. As more information comes out about how public schools have failed our...

A Special Invitation For Christian School Leaders in a Time of Crisis

Christian School Leaders, 

The time in which we now find ourselves is a difficult one for sure; however, as I see it, it’s a time of great opportunity as well. And that is the opportunity for us to lead our schools in a time of reflection, prayer,...

7 Metrics That Help Your School Admissions Strategy

If you’re involved with school admissions, your mission is to get prospective families to enroll in your school. And in the race to achieve your target enrollment and admissions numbers, it can be easy to lose focus on a very important aspect of...

How To Grow Enrollment at Christian Schools with Inbound Marketing

One of the continual challenges a private Christian school face, especially in the start-up phase, is increasing enrollment. If you want to achieve your enrollment goals on a consistent basis to increase your enrollment, it’s important to focus on...

Improve Enrollment Growth By Managing These 3 Significant Factors

What are your plans to improve enrollment this coming year? Have you met your current school enrollment goals? If not, have you been able to address the issues that have caused your school losses? Are you setting up for long term enrollment growth?

How a School Board Can Solve Your School Marketing Problems Once & For All

Spinning in circles.

Trying the same thing all over again with the same poor results.

Shooting blindly.

If any of these statements seem to describe your private school’s marketing efforts in recent years, then we understand (and we’ve seen) your...

Is Your School Admissions Strategy Working? 7 Stats You Need to Know

If you’re plowing ahead toward your school enrollment and admissions goals, working to keep with the traffic flow and maintain your speed, you’d better make sure you check your rearview mirrors once in a while.