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Improve Enrollment Growth By Managing These 3 Significant Factors

What are your plans to improve enrollment this coming year? Have you met your current school enrollment goals? If not, have you been able to address the issues that have caused your school losses? Are you setting up for long term enrollment...

Continuous Enrollment: Implementing A Win-Win Solution

Traditional Versus Continuous Enrollment for Schools: The Case for Making The Change in 2019 and Beyond

“Is your child coming back to our school next year?”

There are many processes baked into a school’s operation that are often not questioned...

Parents Don't Read Your Emails: 7 Private School Communication Tactics

“I didn't know that event was coming up!”

“Oh, the school changed their policy on that?”

“How do I sign up for (insert program here)?”

Do your school faculty and administration members get comments along these lines from parents?

Let me guess;...

Building a Successful School Marketing Plan: 5 Tips for Re-Enrollment

Anyone who’s been involved in Girl Scouts will probably be familiar with the song lyrics “Make new friends, but keep the old/One is silver and the other gold.”

It’s a timeless saying, and it applies to private school admissions, school...

7 Actions To Take in the New Year to Grow Your Private School

The new year brings a perfect time for fresh starts. A promise of better times to come, a chance to get things right, and the opportunity to begin a new season on the right foot. At least, we all hope, right?

New years’ resolutions have become...

The Most Important Meeting of the Year: 5 School Retention Meeting Tips

If you're like me, you have a love-hate relationship with meetings.


On one hand, sure it's great to get all sorts of players around the table and hammer out solutions together. Teamwork and discussion can be energizing. On the other hand, it...

5 Ways Good Online Content Helps Your School Keep Families On Board

We do a lot of talking about strategies for getting new families to enroll in your school. And of course, that's a crucial part of school admissions marketing, if you want to grow or at least maintain your enrollment to make up for student...

Stay Ahead of Reenrollment Season: 5 Things To Do NOW To Improve Retention

The imminent holiday season may be consuming our collective time and resources right now, but those of us in the private school world know what’s coming just after the Christmas lights dim and the new year kicks in: reenrollment season.

5 Ways Teachers Can Propel Your School Admissions & Retention Efforts

It's August. Back to school season is upon us. Which means that our recruitment and retention efforts can take a back seat for now, right?Wrong. So very wrong.Because, believe it or not, re-enrollment begins with the very first day of school.Is...

3 Compelling Reasons to Switch to Continuous Re-Enrollment

One of the most important factors in successful planning efforts for the upcoming school year is timely and accurate enrollment data.  The sooner you are able to receive this information through your re-enrollment efforts, the better the position...