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7 Benefits Of Marketing Automation For Your School

While school marketing has certainly evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years, marketing automation is still a somewhat unfamiliar concept for educators and the term has yet to become a buzzword in most school circles. What is it and why does...

5 Important Steps In Creating A Blog Content Strategy

Now that you’ve finally started a blog for your school, the next step to consider is developing a plan for what to write next and when to post it. You may be churning out blog posts at a constant pace and getting visitors on your school’s website...

7 Helpful Principles To Grow and Maintain Your Blog

There are so many factors that contribute to a successful school blog. Aside from producing well-written posts and efficiently promoting them to maximize their reach, you also need to update it regularly. You’ll encounter difficulties in...

7 Tips For Creating Effective Landing Pages

So what’s the big deal about a landing page?

You’ve just finished creating your latest school tour, e-book, or open house campaign. You’ve prepared a page on your website, a new blog post, images, and social media content to support that...

3 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your School's Website

Have you ever thought or been asked to consider redesigning your school website? While this idea may be an exciting one, it can also bring about feelings of dread and uncertainty.

Redesigning your website can offer your school the chance to catch...

School Marketing Favorite Books Recommended by Schola

It’s all supposed to be simple, right?

Back “in the day” when you wanted to market your private school, you just had to make sure you printed out colorful postcards with your next open house dates and a picture of one of your cute, smiling...

3 Reasons Your School Marketing Must Use Live Video (& 7 Ideas for When to Do It)

What is a private school's primary admissions objective - and biggest challenge - in its quest to reach new potential families?

My guess is that many of you answered: “Getting them to visit our school.”

True, if you can get a prospective parent...

Our Recommendations: 9 Tech Solutions for Private School Marketing

Between graphic design, video hosting, email nurturing, enrollment management and beyond, inbound marketing for schools requires many moving parts and a full range of tech savvy.

Does your school have the tools you need to make the process smooth...

5 Reasons Your Private School Should Use Hubspot to Manage Inbound Marketing

In recent decades, the rise of supercenter stores like Walmart, Target, and Costco underscored our culture’s desire for one-stop shops.

Convenience. Efficiency. Value.

When it comes to your private school marketing activities, wouldn’t you like...

Crucial First Step to School Marketing Strategy: Parent Personas

Are you thinking about diving into inbound marketing for your school?


Before you even begin, do you have your parent personas?

"Our parent what?" you ask? Ah, well then I'm glad we brought this up.

You see, without clearly defined parent...