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Why SEO is Important For Your School Blog

Your school website is your most powerful online marketing vehicle. And, to keep that vehicle running smoothly, you need fuel in the form of quality content. As you create quality content for your school's website, there's one important question you...

How An Email Lead Nurturing Campaign Can Help Your School

Wondering if email marketing is still a relevant activity for your school to engage in? Especially at a time when inbound marketing has opened up more profitable and effective ways of getting enrollments, can it still prove to be beneficial?

How To Create Content That Can Help You Achieve Your School’s Marketing Goals

Your website is your primary online marketing tool for introducing your school to your prospective parents. And, as a marketing tool, your school website has the potential to effectively engage visitors and convert them into enrollment leads. What...

5 Important Steps In Creating A Blog Content Strategy

Now that you’ve finally started a blog for your school, the next step to consider is developing a plan for what to write next and when to post it. You may be churning out blog posts at a constant pace and getting visitors on your school’s website to...

7 Helpful Principles To Grow and Maintain Your Blog

There are so many factors that contribute to a successful school blog. Aside from producing well-written posts and efficiently promoting them to maximize their reach, you also need to update it regularly. You’ll encounter difficulties in balancing...

7 Tips For Creating Effective Landing Pages

So what’s the big deal about a landing page?

You’ve just finished creating your latest school tour, e-book, or open house campaign. You’ve prepared a page on your website, a new blog post, images, and social media content to support that campaign....

3 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your School's Website

Have you ever thought or been asked to consider redesigning your school website? While this idea may be an exciting one, it can also bring about feelings of dread and uncertainty.

Redesigning your website can offer your school the chance to catch up...

3 Tips For School Blog Posts That Parents Actually Read, Share, & Like

What would you rather read on your spare time: a business whitepaper filled with statistics and factual observations, or an adventure novel transporting you into an inspiring story?

My guess is MOST of you answered with the novel. Because while we...

How to Take Your School Blog to the Next Level: A Header Tags Lesson

So, your private school has a blog? Great!

You have a fresh, comprehensive, well-organized website? Super!

Does Google know how to find all of your fantastic online content?

Do web searchers - that is, prospective parents - know what your page or...

5 Ways to Keep Your School Marketing Momentum Going Through the Summer

Ahhh, summer break.

For your school, it has likely either just begun or it’s peeking right around the corner, mere days away.

It’s a time for you and your tireless, tedious marketing efforts to kick back, close your eyes, and bask in the summer...