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Should Your School Blog Take a Summer Vacation?

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Jun 21, 2016 3:00:00 PM


The start of summer vacation is normally a welcomed time of year for most schools as it offers faculty and staff the opportunity to slow down a bit, take a step back, and reflect on the school year that has just ended as well as prepare for the start of the next.  With much of the staff out of the building and on break for the next couple of months, you might be tempted to give your school blog a break as well.  However, choosing to do so may prove to be detrimental to your online school marketing efforts.

School blogging is most effective when it is done on a consistent basis.  Here are three reasons why you should continue to blog throughout the summer months.

To Expand Your Internet Footprint

Blogging can greatly increase your web presence.  How?  Every time you post a blog you are adding a new indexed page to your website.  Each page you add creates an additional path to your site, increasing your internet footprint.  Continuing to blog through the summer shows your website is active and up-to-date and the fresh content draws the attention of search engines, leading more traffic to your site.

To Fuel Your Marketing Engine

While your school staff may either be off or working reduced hours during the summer months, your website continues to work 24/7 to attract enrollment prospects.  As your most powerful online marketing vehicle, your website needs fuel.  Blogging can provide the fuel necessary to keep your marketing engine running.  Consistent blogging throughout the summer can help keep it from running out of gas.

prospect pipeline

To Maintain a Consistent Flow in Your Prospect Pipeline

In order for you to be able to convert site visitors into enrollment prospects, they must first find their way to your website and blogging is a proven way to accomplish this.  Posting quality blog content on a regular basis can lead to increased traffic to your site and more traffic generates more leads.  Unfortunately, inconsistent blogging efforts will likely result in less traffic and fewer leads.  Continuing to blog throughout the summer months can help your school maintain a steady flow of website traffic and subsequently enrollment prospects in your pipeline.

Now that you understand the importance of sustaining your blogging efforts throughout the course of the entire year, stay tuned for some helpful hints for maintaining a school blog over the summer...

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