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School Growth Accelerator 2021 Explores Changes in the New School Marketing Landscape

Posted by Madeline Castillo on Feb 4, 2021 4:30:00 PM

When it comes to school marketing, Schola has always been a thought leader. This remains true despite the many changes we have faced in the past year.

Blog Featured ImageThe new year, though, brings about a unique chance for Christian school leaders to fulfill their mission and grow their schools exponentially. And together with particular action plans on how to fully maximize this opportunity, Schola discusses these very topics at the School Growth Accelerator 2021 held virtually on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

"I think right now the opportunity is this: parents recognize the reality that free is too expensive. [...] The character development that they desire, the values they have as a Christian family do not align with what are there. [...] Some families take longer than others to realize that for whatever reason," says Schola president and founder Ralph Cochran at his talk 'Why 2021 Will Likely Be The Greatest Opportunity in Your History to Accelerate Your School's Growth.'


Ralph not only discussed school growth predictions in 2020 and the history of school marketing, but also reminded attendees exactly what school marketing is and the factors impacting Christian school growth now.

"The core of this is the story of how your school has transformed families. And the impact that makes is what's gonna show the results. And it's also gonna show the culture that you have.

Free Training Video"The reality is, WOM is a discipline that you can have within your school to do it deliberately with a strategy that is repeatable and scalable. And we will train you on that. We have a whole system for that. And it's very, very powerful," he explains.

"If you can master the art of storytelling, inbound marketing, word of mouth marketing, they you have no problems. You'll always have challenges but you can overcome them and this system can be with you forever."

Dr. David Pennington, Schola General Manager, agrees.

"Our burden is to help you create a system [...] but rather than just being overwhelmed if you're new to all of this, take it in, think about your school, think about how it might help your school, be applied to your school, and I think at the end of the day, you'll come away with some things that can be really beneficial to you."

David was also a speaker at the virtual bootcamp, sharing his thoughts on the leader's mindset and more at 'Renewing a Leader's Mind to Grow a School.'

Attendees, primarily consist of school leaders, administrators and decision makers, also had the opportunity to learn the more technical aspects of school growth and marketing. Buyer Persona Coach Lauren Shippy talked about the importance of proper buyer persona profiling and journey mapping in 'Secrets to Attract More Prospects through Story Marketing,' while Project Manager Marlo Mayuga led the discussion about lead generation in 'The Ultimate Guide to Schola's Top Performing Marketing Campaigns.'

"I love working with Schola clients. I have so much fun just really hearing where you guys are with things and just what's happening with your schools right now. It's been really eye opening to see how the landscape changes."
- Lauren Shippy, Buyer Persona Coach

The bootcamp also presented exclusive opportunities for those in attendance to understand the new face of school marketing through an eBook on Admissions 2021 and Beyond, as well as a quick glimpse on the economics of school growth.

They also have the chance to relive the moments and take a second look at the topics discussed through the bootcamp recording made available to all attendees starting Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

"Ultimately what Schola's all about is results. Because frankly you can have a great facility, you can have absolutely outstanding teachers, you can be anything from a sports program or fine arts or all the things that you do and probably do very well. But if you don't get students, you're not increasing and growing your enrollment, then you've kind of capped up. [...] And you just kinda can get stuck to the point that you're not sure what to do next." David points out.

"Well, our burden and our goal today is really to be able to help you. [...] We're gonna help you move forward. We're gonna help you get unstuck and show you some best practices and insights and understandings and things that we feel like can help you and your school."


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