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Schola helps hundreds of Christian school leaders in Nigeria fill classroom seats at 'School Growth Strategy' virtual conference

Posted by Madeline Castillo on Oct 3, 2020 12:23:00 PM

There were many challenges that were raised by Nigerian school leaders during the 'School Growth Strategy' virtual conference held on Friday, September 18, 2020. One of them, of course, was growing enrollment but more specifically, how to get prospects to visit their school during a pandemic.  Sound familiar?

"In Nigeria, we are all STRUGGLING WITH NUMBERS. A lot of private schools have as many seats empty as they have students. and it's been a big struggle on how to fill [them]." 

Ralph Cochran, Schola president and founder, was quick to point out that these struggles are not experienced by Christian school leaders in Nigeria alone.

“I learned a lot about some of the schools in Nigeria over the past few months. What's very interesting about it all is how similar they are to the schools in America, too.” He shared during the conference. 

In partnership with school discovery platform SchoolsCompass, Ralph was able to provide the same information that led the school growth success of Christian schools in the US to various Christian schools in Nigeria. Among the many important topics he discussed were:

  • How your email list is your number one asset
  • How inbound marketing is trust-based marketing
  • Why it is important for prospective parents not to feel like they have a transactional relationship with you and your school, and 
  • Which schools have seen growth in the last 90 days amid the pandemic by using Schola's School Growth System
Watch Ralph talk about why traditional marketing is no longer effective in this day and age:

"My phone has not stopped beeping from calls from school owners that attended the webinar, asking me to thank [Ralph] for that great presentation," Ojo Oluwayomi, Founder of SchoolsCompass, shared in a letter. "I also want to thank [Ralph] for the books [he] gave free of charge. This is a manifestation of [his] love and desire for Christian schools who probably could not afford [his] fees to see them grow in numbers. This is what Jesus preached while on earth and the essence of Christianity."

Ralph’s book, 'School Marketing for Christian Schools,' is available on Amazon for free starting October 23, 2020, Friday, not just for the participants of the event, but for anyone interested in gaining a deeper perspective on the topic as well.

The event has made us at Schola realize that our School Growth Strategy is effective in the US as it is in Nigeria, and perhaps anywhere else in the world. 

"I think we're all trying to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in shaping young minds and hearts to grow into future Christian leaders and serve him," Ralph also mentioned in his talk. "One main way to do that is through the power of the gospel, the word of God, as a score and train them how to be better thinkers and leaders out in the world in various different callings and capacities as we partner with parents."

If you’re in the US and would like to hear the insights we’ve shared with our friends in Nigeria, then don’t miss Ralph at the Society for Classical Learning (SCL) Fall Retreat taking place in-person and online, also on October 23, 2020, Friday.

Want to be ahead of the curve? Find out how your school can thrive despite the pandemic by watching the video below. 

Watch Now: School Growth Results

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