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How To Grow Enrollment at Christian Schools with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Jun 18, 2019 11:00:00 AM

One of the continual challenges a private Christian school face, especially in the start-up phase, is increasing enrollment. If you want to achieve your enrollment goals on a consistent basis to increase your enrollment, it’s important to focus on building a steady stream of prospective students.

This isn’t something you do only a few times a year. As a school leader, you must make sure a system is in place that continually attracts good prospects year round. And, since Christian schools appeal to a small niche market, it is important to find the right prospects.

Not everyone is going to be interested in this kind of educational model, so all marketing efforts should focus on those prospects who really desire this kind of education for their families. A great strategy for addressing this challenge is inbound marketing.


What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is all about building relationships with people. It’s not just about selling your school to prospective families. It goes beyond it by creating valuable, positive experiences by offering them what they are looking for: a good, private Christian school for their children.

To achieve this, you must first identify and understand your target parents. The best way to do this is to create parent personas.


prospective parents use inbound marketing


Inbound marketing uses the internet and social media as a marketing tool for people who are searching the web with relevant keywords to find your school’s website.

Unlike conventional marketing solutions that use traditional media to broadcast your message to a wide variety of people, inbound marketing leverages the connectivity of the internet to attract prospects to you.


How To Make It Work

Employing inbound marketing for increasing enrollment requires the commitment of school leadership and the practice of consistent blogging as well as social media engagement. While this process can be delegated to staff members or active volunteers, the top level leadership of the school must be involved in the process of consistently generating content for the school blog and sharing this content on social media. In addition, it’s important that the board members, headmaster and other key leaders be involved in developing and monitoring this process.


use inbound marketing to increase school admissions


To better understand the true value of an inbound strategy, you can assess the cost of not adopting an inbound marketing strategy here.


Creating Content

Once you build up a substantial amount of content, it will work for you day and night. Whenever people are searching the internet or interacting through social media, your content will be available to pique their interest and move them to action.

They won’t necessarily need to see your fliers or attend your events to hear about your unique vision for education. All they need to do is read your blog and interact with your social media.


attract prospects with valuable content


This strategy also draws only the best prospects for you. The people who read your content have already identified themselves as interested because of the relevant search words that have brought them to your site.

You can also increase the chances of attracting the right prospects to your website by making it prospect-focused.

When they search the internet for private Christian schools, they are effectively raising their hands and saying that they are interested in learning more about Christian education. This means that your marketing funnel is generating only high-quality prospects for your school.


Sharing Content

Inbound marketing transforms your current school families into marketing ambassadors as they share your content. When you create and share content about your school, the school families can like and share this content so that their connections will see it.

You can even feature their testimonials on your school website.

This digital word-of-mouth marketing will rapidly spread your message throughout the local and regional community so that many more families will become aware of the educational option that you provide.



Inbound marketing as a strategy for increasing enrollment can transform your marketing efforts. While it takes some time, effort, and direction from key school leaders, it can create a system that is always working to attract high-quality prospects to your school. And you can stop being the best-kept secret in your community and become the best option for many good families seeking an alternative to the modern education system.

Our team of inbound marketing professionals can give you a comprehensive view on what it takes to apply inbound marketing for your school, as well as give you insights on how to do it well at every stage. This is our DIY School Growth Marketing system, which is aptly called Schola University.

How to Grow Your School With Inbound Marketing

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