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How Storytelling Can Improve Your School Marketing Efforts

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Nov 29, 2016 3:00:00 PM
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If you’ve done any type of research on effective ways to market your school, I’m sure you’ve come across the concept of storytelling as a marketing strategy.  You might be wondering how storytelling can help improve your marketing efforts.  Well, here are three ways storytelling can prove to be a powerful marketing tool:

Storytelling is Relatable

Stories not only entertain and educate, they provide the opportunity to present real life examples that people can relate to.  A story can also touch your reader on a more personal level than hard facts and data can.  Data alone can easily be forgotten; however, a compelling story can grab and hold the interest of your audience.

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Storytelling Creates an Emotional Connection

When your audience can relate to the individuals and experiences in the stories you share, an emotional connection is forged.  While facts can appeal to their logic, stories appeal to their emotions.  And emotions play a big role in the decisions they make.  Those whose emotions are evoked will want to learn more about your school.

Build Trust With Your Audience

When you share a story with honesty and integrity, it makes you more accessible and believable.  And that builds trust with your audience.  And when they trust you, they will be more willing to allow you to guide them through their journey to the point of making an enrollment decision.

When you put the needs of your specific audience first through storytelling, you can make an emotional connection with them, build trust, and inspire them to action.

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