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Helpful Hints for Maintaining a School Blog During the Summer

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Jun 28, 2016 3:00:00 PM

We recently shared the importance and benefits of sustaining your school blogging efforts throughout the summer months.  However, with fewer resources and overall activity in the school building this time of year, you might be wondering how you could possibly maintain a consistent flow of blog content throughout the summer.

Here are a few ideas to consider that can assist you in your school blogging efforts and allow you to continue to attract enrollment prospects and keep your current community engaged during the summer months.

Think Strategically

Maintaining a school blog throughout the summer months requires a proactive versus a reactive approach in which blog content planning is key.  Rather than deciding week-to-week what to post, take the time up front to brainstorm enough blog titles to fill the editorial calendar for the entire summer and set realistic deadlines with your blog writers to ensure the content is ready and available when needed.

Work Smarter, not Harder

During the summer, it’s likely that your blog writers have less time and mental energy than they do during the school year to create content.  Here are some tips to overcome that challenge.

  • Consider focusing on blog styles that require less time and/or mental energy to create.  For example, “list” blogs tend to be less labor intensive than essay style blogs.

  • Plan a blog series that includes several different articles focusing on the same topic.  This requires less research than creating the same amount of blogs on unrelated topics.

  • If your school has been blogging for a while, take a look through your blog library and identify your most popular posts or topics.  Consider repurposing content from those blogs by approaching the topic from a different angle.

seasonal content

Consider the Season When Creating Content

Keep your audience engaged throughout the summer months by offering content that is relevant to the season.  Here are some topic ideas:

  • Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss
  • Summer Travel Tips for Families
  • Summer Boredom Busters
  • Ways to Make Family Memories Over the Summer
  • Back-to-School Preparation and Planning

Planning ahead, working smarter, and posting relevant and engaging content can keep your blog running smoothly during the summer months and help you maintain a consistent flow of enrollment prospects in your pipeline in the months to follow.

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