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Do-It-Yourself School Inbound Marketing: Announcing Schola University

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Mar 6, 2018 3:00:00 PM

So, you’re sold on the concept of inbound marketing for your school. You’re on board with the idea that attracting parents to your school through online platforms and content is the way to go in this age of digital marketing.

Young teacher browsing the internet through laptop inside the classroomMaybe you’ve been following our blogs, webinars, and ebooks and thought perhaps you’ve got the in-house talent to pull off a successful inbound strategy. But you’re wondering, is it possible? Can our current staff apply the principles of inbound marketing and put them to work for our school admissions efforts with the resources we already have?

If you’d like to get more leads, more applications, and higher enrollment this year by applying the relationship-building inbound concepts in your private school marketing, but your budget doesn’t allow for a firm retainer, then we’ve got good news for you.

Schola Inbound Marketing is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the new Schola University. Schola University allows a head of school, admissions director, or marketing director to acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to help your school no longer be the best kept secret in town.

Schola University was developed to help heads of schools who already have staff on hand that are able to do school marketing in-house with some training and coaching. It was also designed to help schools who cannot afford Schola’s premium white glove services that we have been offering for years.

We have taken the secret sauce from our years of working with clients and put it into a proven system that we want to help you implement on your own. We will add more courses and coaching, and build like-minded communities with those enrolled in Schola University in the years ahead.

Our grand opening oLaptop-with-graduation-capffering will start with our DIY School Growth Marketing System. The system is based on years of experience helping schools of all different sizes and locations grow. It is a five-hour course that includes coaching and a members-only Mastermind group. The combination of the course, coaching, and a community of like-minded school marketers is custom-designed to help private school administrators professionally develop their admissions and marketing staff to learn and implement the best inbound marketing practices themselves.

The fact is, inbound marketing requires a fairly vast arsenal of skills and time, including web design, graphic design, copywriting, social media management, and public relations. You’ll need someone who can commit to regular blog writing, premium content development, landing page development, online advertisement and call to action button design, website design, buyer persona development, email nurturing campaigns, and more.

If you jump into this water unprepared thinking you can simply piece-meal your activities, you’ll likely waste your time and money. The beauty of a well-run inbound campaign is the way that all facets work together to take parents through their buyer’s journey into a lasting relationship with your school.

That’s where our proven system comes in, giving you a complete view of not only what it takes to do inbound marketing for private schools well, but also giving you access to the insights of our team of experts - professionals who have dedicated ourselves to helping private schools produce successful marketing campaigns that capture and convert parents from prospects, into visitors, then applicants, and finally into enrolled families.

Our team’s extensive research, experience, and expertise is at your fingertips to get your inbound marketing off the ground and working for your school.

Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a complete details on the Grand Opening of Schola University and the new School Growth Marketing System, pricing information, and the official launch of our all new marketing course, coming in mid-March.

If you’re ready to try something new in your school marketing strategy this year - something that speaks to today’s generation of parents and meets them right where they are, that builds trust and attracts mission-appropriate families to your school, and that is more effective and a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing - then we encourage you to go back to school yourselves with Schola University!

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