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BREAKING NEWS: 90 Days Into the Pandemic, and These Christian Schools Grew Enrollment

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Sep 14, 2020 1:15:00 PM

Reflection, prayer and re-commitment to the mission we have as Christians — these are things we recognized at the start of this pandemic that helped us lead our schools with strength and decisiveness. We at Schola have been impressed with several of our clients and thought we would give you a brief glimpse into the results they have obtained over the past few months.

Let’s take time to celebrate these wins. Despite the many practical challenges, Christian school leaders such as yourself were able to direct your school communities to trust the Lord during these uncertain times. That’s no easy feat. Likewise, we know a lot of uncertainty still exists as schools begin to re-open. 

Three Christian schools used their time in working on school growth. Together with us at Schola, they chose to make an effort in learning and implementing school growth strategies that uniquely connected with prospective parents in their community.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish in 90 days with the unwavering belief that with faith, we can move mountains. The success these three schools have achieved in a short amount of time has shown us that growth is the result of determination and focus, paired with Schola's reliable School Growth System.


Trivium in Town? Spread the Word

School Client #1: A Small School in California

In the midst of the world’s best startups is a Christian school that provides a safe and rewarding environment for their students. School Client #1 is located in Silicon Valley, upholding their tradition of excellence since its founding in 1974.

Part of their history is their curriculum that is both rigorous in an academic sense and governed by the Word of God. With this compelling story and the right strategy, their website has garnered a lot of interest from the right prospects. They started working with us in July. Since then, their online presence has grown by 318%.

School Growth Client 1 Results


Despite Uncertainty, A Start of Something New

School Client #2: A Small School in South Carolina

Selective in their admission and committed in delivering academic excellence, School Client #2 takes pride in being distinctively Christian and in integrating faith in all areas of academic instruction. The characteristics of this small, private school reflect not just in the size of their population, but in their desire to start a new K4 program this academic year. And with under 100 students enrolled, they were in need of more prospects.

The best tactics were utilized with the goal of attracting new possible families to their enrollment pool in mind. School Client #2 started to work with Schola in March during the shutdown. Now, they have over 30 new prospects, resulting in 8 new students.

School Growth Client 2 Results


Enrollment in Abundance Amid Trying Times

School Client #3: A Small School in Minnesota

The belief of School Client #3 in holistic learning shines through in many aspects. Their distinct learning methods are delivered within the framework of a solidly biblical worldview. And their community is rooted in powerful love.

The vision and mission of this school is as clear as it is joyful, challenging and transformational. This message, amplified by Schola's School Growth System, has paved the way to an increase in enrollment. In comparison to their enrollment numbers last year, their new students went from 13 to 35, growing enrollment from 56 to 83 students in total this year.

School Growth Client 3 Results


These small Christian schools have risen to the occasion and shown just how much their communities mean to them in time of adversity and uncertainty. 

The success of these schools is not a fluke.  Their success is definitely not exclusive only to them either. With Schola's School Growth System, you, too, can achieve —  or even surpass —  your school growth goals.

Find out how your school can thrive despite the pandemic by talking to us. Book your FREE Strategy Session today by clicking below.

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