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Blogging for Schools: Tips for Creating Quality Blog Content

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Mar 10, 2015 3:00:00 PM


Though a catchy blog title and visually-stimulating formatting may be what initially draws readers to your post, it is the content that entices them to stay.  Content is the fuel that keeps your blogging efforts running.   With that in mind, you want to create engaging content designed to provide value to your audience.  Content your audience will want to consume.

Here are some tips to help you create quality content for your school blog posts:

Select a Relevant Topic

The key to selecting a topic that will engage your readers is understanding the audience you are trying to reach.   Developing buyer personas (or, in the case of schools, parent personas) will give you the information you need to identify topics that will appeal to their interests and desires, help them achieve their goals, or address their pain points.  mom and child

Armed with this information, you will be able to identify the topics most useful to your readers.  For example, if you have a parent persona who is family-focused and interested in making the most of her time with her children, you may consider writing on a topic that would appeal to that desire, such as “5 Meaningful Family Dinner Conversation Starters.”

Do Your Homework

Once you’ve identified a relevant topic, it is helpful to do a little research to see what type of content already exists on the subject.  This will provide you with a frame of reference and a launching pad to flesh out your topic.

Keep in mind that quality content is unique.  Don’t simply say what’s already been said.  Put your own spin on it.  (Note: If you include any specific information or data from other sources to support your own content, be sure to verify the authenticity of the data and cite your sources appropriately.)

Focus on One Main Idea

Have you ever sent an email to someone that included several items you needed the recipient to act on or reply to, only to discover upon receiving the response that all but one of the items were ignored?  To improve your chances of receiving all the information you need, it is best to limit your requests to one subject per email.

3-10-15blogpic3_picmonkeyedThe same holds true when writing blog content.  The less focused your blog article, the more likely you are to lose your reader’s attention and interest.  As a result, it is best to narrow your focus to one specific topic.  If you come up with valuable content that includes multiple thoughts, consider creating a blog series that focuses on one main idea per blog article.

Style Counts

To engage your readers, you’ll want to develop a writing style and tone that is appropriate for your intended audience.  A blog is a conversation.  With that in mind, try to picture the buyer persona you are writing for and write in the way that you would speak to them.  With practice, your writing style will develop and evolve over time.

In addition, be sure your content is actionable and useful.  Your readers will be more interested in content that offers them ideas to resolve their challenges than in content that is just focused on promoting your school.  To keep them engaged, offer practical tips or advice on topics most relevant to them that they can use to address their needs.

When it comes to creating quality blog content, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it is not about what you do or have to offer, it is about what you do for others.  Offering valuable content that appeals to your target audience’s specific needs and desires can help establish you as a trusted and reliable resource.  And, as a result, it just might spark in them a desire to learn more about your school.

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