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2 Powerful Stats on the Power of Blogging to Increase your Prospects

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Apr 25, 2014 7:52:00 PM

Are you beginning to think about what enrollment will look like in the Fall? You are not alone, as many headmasters are scratching their heads wondering why they have so few calls and prospects. One of the solutions is to start blogging. Here are some powerful statistics that might help motivate you to take a closer look at incorporating a blogging strategy into your schools marketing plan for next year.


hubspot frequency of blogging

Blogging is a real commitment and must be done well and not be self serving. Many blogs start with good intentions but end up becoming self-serving promotions of the latest academic or athletic achievement within the school. Even worse is when they fizzle out and there is little to no content on them.

When blogging is done well by focusing on buyer personas you will see more traffic to your website as you attract prospects where they are at in the buying process for a new school. Then if you are doing all the other strategies of inbound marketing you can convert those visitors to prospects and re-fill your prospect funnel.

Impact of Blogging

Personally I have yet to see a client who is committed to blogging not increase the amount of leads coming to their school. I have one client right now who has nearly a 60% increase from last year in the number of leads. Some of that increase can be attributed to the regular, consistent blogging.  

I encourage you to take a closer look at implementing an inbound marketing strategy at your school.  


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