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The foundations of School Marketing(Video): Buyer Personas (Parent Profiles)

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Jan 22, 2014 5:28:00 PM

Do you know your School's Buyer Personas (Parent Profiles)?

Buyer Personas also known as parent profiles are critical to establish any successful private school's marketing plan.  School's that spend the time developing them well set themselves up for long term success.  They are even more critical to an inbound marketing plan's success due to the constant need to develop content.  If you don't have clearly defined buyer personas your content creation will dry up, drift, or go stale.  Schola spend's a considerable amount of time with their clients defining buyer personas that are unique to each school.  

So what exactly is a buyer persona?  Watch this short video from hubspot to learn more.


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Topics: Inbound Marketing, School Marketing, Buyer Personas