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Ralph Cochran

Ralph Cochran

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Watch: What You Don’t Know About School Branding vs. Story Marketing Could Hurt You - Advice On How to Obtain More Enrollment Prospects

Executive Summary of Video:

Want to know a secret?  The more time I spend working with schools to help them improve their marketing efforts, the less persuaded I am becoming with regard to the significance formal branding plays in helping them...

Watch: Beyond the Admissions Inquiry - Obtain More RSVPs With This Big Shift in How You Think About an Inquiry

Executive Summary of Video:

Would you ask someone to marry you on your very first date?  If you did, you’d probably not only get a “no” in response, it’s highly likely you’d also scare your date away for good in the process.  The same holds true...

Watch: Good vs. Bad School Story Marketing

Executive Summary of Video:

Watch: Is Storytelling Just a School Marketing Fad?

Executive Summary of Video:

Storytelling has become quite a hot topic in business marketing circles over the past few years, and one that has influenced the school marketing world as well.  With that in mind, let me ask you this: Do you think...

Watch: ‘Tis the Season… For School Enrollment, That Is.  Are You Ready?

Executive Summary of Video:

The holiday season is upon us and I know you’re looking forward to a well-deserved Thanksgiving and Christmas break.  However, as a school leader, you can’t afford to overlook the fact that the eve of another critical...

Watch: Is Your School Admissions Director Helping or Hurting Your Enrollment Growth Efforts?

Executive Summary of Video:

Admissions Directors play a critical role in the success of any school’s enrollment growth efforts.  With that in mind, do you know if you’ve set yours up for success? Or failure?

Watch: A Surprisingly Simple Way To Grow Your School Enrollment

Executive Summary of Video:

When you hear the phrase “enrollment growth,” what is the first thing that comes to mind?  I’d venture to guess your immediate thoughts centered around the acquisition of new students.

Your school will consistently...

Watch: School Retention Planning - Act Now Before It’s Too Late!

Executive Summary of Video:

By now the transition into a new school year has come to an end and you’ve most likely shifted your focus and energy to the planning of special school year events and fundraising activities.  In addition, with the...

How To Make Your Prospective Parents Listen Through Storytelling

Want to learn how to make your prospective parents listen? Let me tell you a story.

I often visit schools as an undercover secret shopper. Whether the school is my client or a competitor, I usually learn the most about how they operate when I...

7 Metrics That Help Your School Admissions Strategy

If you’re involved with school admissions, your mission is to get prospective families to enroll in your school. And in the race to achieve your target enrollment and admissions numbers, it can be easy to lose focus on a very important aspect of...