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Madeline Castillo

Madeline Castillo

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Schola champions Story Marketing for Christian schools at SCL Fall Retreat

“Think of it like a big domino. If you could knock over that big domino, that would lead to them coming and visiting your school. And then obviously, when they come to your school, if you can get them to show up on your campus,  upwards of 60 to...

At this year’s SCL Fall Retreat, Schola takes the stage.

Following the success of our collaborative event with SchoolsCompass in Nigeria, we at Schola are taking our efforts of helping Christian schools thrive back to our shores and at the SCL Fall Retreat happening on Friday, 23 October 2020 at ...

Schola helps hundreds of Christian school leaders in Nigeria fill classroom seats at 'School Growth Strategy' virtual conference

There were many challenges that were raised by Nigerian school leaders during the 'School Growth Strategy' virtual conference held on Friday, September 18, 2020. One of them, of course, was growing enrollment but more specifically, how to get...