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5 Ways to Draw More Traffic to Your School Website

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Nov 24, 2015 3:00:00 PM

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Your school website has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool in generating enrollment leads.  However, for your marketing efforts to pay off, those leads must first find their way to your site.

Here are 5 ways to draw more traffic to your school website in order to grow your pool of enrollment leads:

1. Know Who You are Trying to Attract.

Drawing an increased flow of traffic to your website is important, but you need to be sure you are attracting the right traffic if you want to generate quality leads.  How do you attract the right traffic?  You need to understand who you are trying to draw to your site and what makes them tick.  This can be accomplished through the development of buyer personas, or fictional representations of your ideal customers.  

2. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines.

Knowing exactly who you are trying to attract to your site will give you insights into what type of information they might be searching for on the internet.  Armed with this information, you can conduct keyword research to determine the key words or phrases your ideal audience might use when conducting an internet search.

Once you’ve identified those popular words or phrases, incorporate them into relevant areas of your website, such as in web page or blog titles, meta descriptions, or section headings.

3. Add Internal Links.

Internal links connect one page to another within the same domain.  These links assist visitors with site navigation and increase the likelihood that they will visit other pages within your website, which positively impacts your site ranking.  As a result, make an effort to include links from one web page to another on your site where it makes sense to do so, especially in blog posts.

4. Blog.

Every time you post a blog you are adding a new indexed page to your website.  The more indexed pages you have on your site, the greater the opportunity for your site to show up in search engines.   Blogging on a regular basis increases traffic by creating additional paths to your site and the fresh content draws the attention of search engines as it shows the website is active.

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5. Engage in Social Media.

Engaging in social media platforms that appeal most to your buyer personas can increase your visibility.  Every piece of content you share through social media has the potential to be liked, commented on or shared, expanding your online reach.  And, the more you share, the better your search results will be.

If you are blogging, the easiest way to engage in social media is to share your blog posts.

Employing these strategies will make your website more search engine friendly, which can lead to increased traffic to your site and more enrollment leads for your school.

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