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5 Reasons Your Private School Should Use Hubspot to Manage Inbound Marketing

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Nov 14, 2017 3:15:00 PM

In recent decades, the rise of supercenter stores like Walmart, Target, and Costco underscored our culture’s desire for one-stop shops.

Don't you love when you can pick up everything you need in just one place?Convenience. Efficiency. Value.

When it comes to your private school marketing activities, wouldn’t you like to have that same level of service from your software? Instead of having to piecemeal your functions together, you can blog, write social media posts, send emails, manage your contacts and more all from the same website. Easy peasy, right?

That’s just one of the main reasons we highly recommend that private schools use Hubspot to manage their online marketing and communications. Our company has been a Hubspot partner since 2013, and we love to share the wealth with our friends and customers.

Hubspot is a core tool in the "Inbound" toolbox. It is the technological backbone for executing inbound marketing strategies. For our customers, we host and build your website on this same platform. It will be the "HUB" of your marketing strategy.

You see, in order to make inbound marketing work for your school, you not only have to build a strategy; you also have to change your way of thinking about marketing, and then build out the technology to execute it. Without the proper management tools, your strategy will likely fall flat because you don’t have the means to keep up with your leads and the myriad of updates and content that you need to produce.

Here are 5 reasons why Hubspot is the best tool for private schools’ inbound marketing programs.

1. All-in-One

Everything you need to create and promote your online presence is there. No need to log into different platforms for email marketing, then for blogging, then for website management and so on. With Hubspot, all of these - and more - are there with one log in. Not only does this make everything more convenient for you, it allows you to interconnect everything so that you can create comprehensive campaigns with premium content, social media posts, landing pages, calls-to-action (CTAs) and more.

Having just one platform and login helps your team collaborate so that your admissions team, head of school, and other administrators have only to hop onto one website to manage both internal and external communications. Save time on learning how to use multiple interfaces and figuring out how to connect and link up various platforms. This video provides a powerful argument for why Hubspot’s all-in-one platform is so helpful.

2. TrackingGet more insight into your prospective families' habits, likes, and interests right from your computer thanks to Hubspot's tracking.

Hubspot shows you in real time both how effective your posts and content are, and what each visitor is doing when they visit your site. Find out how many people are clicking on which offers, who is viewing on mobile devices versus desktop, what time frames people are viewing your content, how they are finding you, and more. Plus, get a detailed look at every one of your contacts’ interactions with your communications - from which pages they viewed, which emails they opened, and more! Now you’ll know which prospective parents are opening your emails, and what kinds of topics they are most interested in, so that you can continue to tailor your communications with them to show how your school can address the concerns near to their heart. This helps ensure that all the hard work you’re putting into creating quality content pays off, by giving you accurate feedback on what parents really want to know.

3. Personalization

Hubspot’s technology allows you to create a website that recognizes its visitors’ history and customizes the content they see based on what you know about them. This makes your website more effective at converting your curious visitors into serious prospects.

Think about how this delights your prospective parents. Take Meg, for example. She found your school online - maybe through a blog post that one of her friends shared, an advertisement, or search engine. Then, she accessed a webinar about kindergarten preparedness, which required her to fill out some basic information about herself and her family. So you’ve captured her basic information and filed it as a specific parent persona - say, Millenial Meg. Now, you can customize the CTAs and the content that appears on certain pages they visit to match the needs you know that are consistent with that parent persona. Since Meg has a preschooler and is looking into kindergarten options, you may not send her news about college prep or teenage development; instead, you’ll send her videos from your current kindergarten class and blog posts related to the early elementary years.

As a customer, a personalized experience can make a difference. Hubspot lets you give that experience to your prospective families.To use Hubspot’s analogy, it’s like walking into your favorite coffee shop where they know your name and your favorite order, greet you personally, and have things fixed just the way you like it without you even having to ask for it. With education being such a personal and emotional decision, how much more important is it to foster a meaningful relationships early? This kind of personalization sets you apart by showing parents that you truly understand them and their children’s needs.

4. User-friendly & intuitive

When you use Hubspot to host your private school’s website, you get complete control over your page development and creation - no technical expertise required! You can create landing pages for events and programs, update your homepage, add documents and links, and pretty much anything you could imagine that you might need to do to spruce up your website on a regular basis. No more waiting to hear back from an off-site IT company to make time-sensitive changes, or having to go back and forth with someone not intimately connected with your school to get a page to look just the way you want it. You and your select team members can do it yourself!

5. Optimization that matters

Hubspot’s design and tools can make your pages easier to find and read. First of all, Hubspot’s pages are automatically mobile-optimized, adjusting their layout according to the visitor’s device. You don’t have to worry about creating multiple pages for mobile vs. desktop viewing, and you can preview how a page or email will look ahead of time on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

Another important optimization tool is search engine and keyword optimization. Hubspot shows you how your keywords are performing based on real searches, ensures that your individual pages and posts are appropriately optimized with strong meta descriptions and text, and generally helps you put your best foot forward to reach parents who are Googling solutions your school provides.

To get a more in-depth look at all of Hubspot’s tools, check out their demo video here.

Once you start successfully implementing an inbound school marketing strategy, we can guarantee you’ll see results - more leads, more traffic, and more prospective parents showing interest - because your school is connecting with prospects earlier in their buyer's journey. You are no longer the "best-kept secret in town". Make sure you have the technology tools to keep up with this success, so that you can keep those connections up for the long haul and turn those prospective families into enrolled families for years to come!


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