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5 Reasons to Include Paid Search in Your School Inbound Marketing Strategy

Posted by Ralph Cochran on May 3, 2016 3:00:00 PM


I am often told by clients that they are in need of more traffic to their website, yet they do not want to use paid search marketing. However, those clients who were open to the idea of paid search marketing found that more targeted traffic came to their website and more students enrolled in their educational establishment. If you are hesitant as to whether or not paid search marketing is what you should be spending your marketing dollars on, here are some of the rewards your school will reap by spending a little bit of money for big results.

1. Generate more leads and prospective students. The wonderful thing about paid search is the fact that you get to place your ads on the first page of your preferred search engines by choosing certain keywords to rank for. Not only will these ads help attract your target demographic, but can also capture the attention of potential students. If you want to increase your enrollment numbers without waiting for your search engine rankings to naturally increase, paid search is the way to go.

2. Increased brand exposure. Having a memorable brand is essential to any successful business or school. People are going to remember the brand much more than they will the company itself, which is something paid search will be able to help you with. This form of marketing will enhance your brand's exposure by appearing when someone searches for certain keywords, taking the prospective student or family member to the appropriate website page that is relevant to the keyword they searched for. Paying for search engine exposure is a little price to pay for the attention your website will get by those interested in what your school has to offer.

3. Able to test online marketing campaigns. Knowing how successful an online ad campaign is going to be can sometimes feel like a constant guessing game and one that you have no idea if you are winning. Many paid search tools come with a variety of tools that allow you to test the amount of traffic your campaigns are receiving and what keywords will get the most traffic. One of the most popular paid search tools continues to be Google AdWords and gives you the opportunity to analyze the effectiveness of each campaign to discover whether it is being well received by your audience. Business Marketing Blog suggests placing an ad for 30 days and then analyzing the success of the campaign.


4. Results can be tracked. Having an ad out there for the world to see that can't be tracked is a recipe for failure. By not knowing whether your audience likes the ads, if they are getting ignored, or if changes need to be made, your time and energy will be wasted. Paid search marketing allows you to track exactly how much money is being spent, how many clicks each ad is receiving, and the keywords that are bringing prospective students and their families to your website.

5. Supports inbound marketing efforts. Paid search marketing should not be used instead of SEO or other inbound marketing efforts, but should be used in collaboration with your inbound marketing strategy. By using both, you will be able to increase your school's organic rankings, while still getting exposure for those keywords you have not ranked well for yet. Inbound marketing and paid search together will create a powerhouse marketing campaign that can't be beat.

In conclusion, there are numerous reasons as to why paid search should be a part of your marketing campaign, which includes the previous points. However, before beginning to create your campaign, contact me and I would be happy to help you create a successful campaign that will put your school's name into the minds of potential students, parents, and family members.

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