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3 Tips for Sprucing Up Your School Blog Evergreen Content

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Jan 24, 2017 3:00:00 PM
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While evergreen school blog content can generally stand the test of time and continue to generate school website traffic long after its original publish date, it is a good idea to revisit this content from time to time to look for ways to improve its effectiveness in bringing potential prospects to your site.

To determine where to invest your efforts, first locate your best performing evergreen content.  To do so, check your blog analytics and take note of the articles with the most views.  Next, eliminate any non-evergreen content from that list, such as seasonal, time-sensitive, and event-specific articles.  If you need to further refine your search, move the posts with the keywords/keyword phrases you are most trying to rank for to the top of the list.

Once you’ve located your top-performing evergreen blogs, here are three tips for sprucing up your school blog’s evergreen content.

1. Refresh Content

Look for any content that has the potential to become dated, such as examples, stories or statistics to ensure they are current and relevant.  If not, do what is needed to freshen them up.  In addition, conduct an SEO review of the article and make any necessary adjustments, such as tweaking the title to make it a bit more catchy or refining the keyword phrases within the article.

2. Freshen Up CTAs

Conduct an audit of the calls-to-action that are included in your evergreen blogs.  If the content offer is no longer relevant or if you’ve added new premium content since the original post date, now’s the time to change out those old CTAs.

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3. Forge New Links

The longer you can get a visitor to engage on your website, the more likely the chances of converting that visitor into a lead.  One way to keep the visitor engaged is to provide links to other relevant blog articles or web pages on your site.  Are there any newer evergreen posts that you can connect to the older ones?  If so, add those links into your older posts.

Sprucing up your evergreen content from time to time can help extend the reach of your existing content, which can lead to more traffic to your website and enrollment leads for your school.


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