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3 Important Things to do Before Launching a School Blog

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Feb 9, 2016 3:00:00 PM


So you understand the benefits of a school blog and are convinced that starting one is the right marketing strategy to help you drive traffic to your school website and improve your lead generation efforts.  However, before you start planning for your blog’s launch, there are three important things you need to do first in order to improve your chances for success.

Make the Commitment

A successful blog is not built overnight.  It typically takes at least six to nine months of posting quality content on a consistent basis before you will begin to see positive results.  As a result, be prepared to make a long term commitment to blogging, which involves creating a game plan and gaining the necessary buy-in.

Creating a game plan includes factors such as identifying your marketing goals and determining a content strategy.  And, to ensure you have the support required to execute this strategy, educate your staff and school leadership on the value of a blog as a marketing tool.  

Identify a Content Manager

A school blog will not run itself.  You need someone to steer the ship.  While the specific responsibilities of a content manager may vary from school to school, this individual generally oversees the planning, coordination and execution of the school blog, including managing the editorial calendar, serving as the point person through which blog content flows and acting as blog editor.  This individual will likely be involved in content creation as well.

Regardless of whether you select someone from within your school community or make an outside hire to fill this role, make sure this individual has a thorough understanding of your culture as he or she will be responsible for ensuring the blog maintains the “voice” of your school.


Determine Who Will Create Blog Content

Since content is the fuel that powers a blog, you need to determine how you are going to obtain a steady supply of quality content.  Ways to procure content include identifying individuals from within your community to contribute to the writing of blogs, outsourcing content creation, or some combination thereof.  The key to obtaining quality content is to make sure your writers understand how to write a school blog that aligns with the school’s marketing strategy.

Once you’ve addressed these considerations, you will be ready to take the steps to launch your school blog.


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