How NOT to Market to Millennial Parents

Posted by Ralph Cochran on May 24, 2016 3:00:00 PM


To attract enrollment prospects to your school, you need a marketing strategy attuned to the wants and needs of today’s families, and meeting these needs requires an understanding of  millennial parents.  If you conduct any research on this market segment, you will quickly discover that traditional marketing efforts, which include such tactics such as radio ads, billboards and direct mail, are just not effective with this group.  Why?  Here are three reasons to consider.

For millennial parents, traditional marketing efforts:

Fail to Elicit Trust

Millennial parents trust what they feel is relevant and authentic.  When it comes to making purchasing decisions, they rely heavily on feedback from people they talk to and those with whom they interact with through their online social networks.  These individuals get the sense that traditional marketing campaigns are not created with their interests in mind and therefore view them as impersonal and false.

To gain credibility along with the trust of millennial parents, your marketing efforts need to focus on providing quality content that addresses their needs and establishes your school as a thought leader.


Don’t Engage

Today’s parents want to feel engaged and involved.  In their mind, traditional marketing efforts do not engage, they just interrupt.  As a result, when it comes to this type of marketing, millennial parents simply tune out.

Instead of depending on marketing tactics that reach out and disrupt them, focus on marketing efforts designed to draw your prospects in.  Consider an inbound marketing strategy that invites them to connect and to join in on the conversation.  A strategy that involves offering quality content and engaging them by blogging and through social media channels.

Are Too Self-Centered

Millennial parents are not only turned off by the disruptive nature of traditional marketing efforts, these unsolicited ads are also perceived as being too impersonal and school-focused.  In other words, they tend to be more focused on pushing the school’s agenda than they are on appealing to prospect needs and interests.

To attract millennial parents, it is important to understand who your school is trying to reach and providing them with content that meets their needs right where they are at that moment.

Ultimately, to attract millennial parents to your school you need a marketing strategy that is authentic, engaging and prospect focused.


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