3 Major Roadblocks of Effective School Marketing

Posted by Ralph Cochran on May 16, 2017 3:00:00 PM

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Your school website has the potential to become your most powerful marketing vehicle.  However, the likelihood of that happening depends upon your ability to drive traffic to your website and to convert that traffic into enrollment leads.  And upon your ability to avoid the roadblocks you may encounter along the way.

Here are three common roadblocks you might encounter that could keep you from achieving your school marketing goals as well as suggestions for avoiding them.

1. Using an Outdated Road Map

Many schools still rely on marketing road maps that may have worked quite well in the past, but are simply no longer effective.  Especially ones that rely too heavily on traditional marketing efforts.  Today’s school enrollment prospects find tactics such as radio, television, newspaper, and direct mail ads quite disruptive and typically all but ignore them.

To avoid this roadblock, rather than depending on a road map that involves disruptive marketing, consider instead one that attracts and engages.  One that asks permission, builds trust, and entices potential prospects to learn more about what you have to offer.  A new road map called inbound marketing.

road signs2. Driving Without Road Signs

For your website to become a powerful marketing vehicle, you need to come up with ways to drive the right traffic to your site.  Unless you know who you’re trying to attract, your efforts will be in vain.  You need something to guide your efforts in driving the right audience to your site.

To avoid this particular roadblock, you need the right road signs.  Ones that can help you better understand exactly who you are trying to attract.  What are the right road signs?  Buyer personas.  These tools can provide insights as to who your ideal prospects are and what their desires, wants, and needs might be.  And, among other things, buyer personas can help you create and offer the kind of content that can assist you in forging a relationship with your site visitors and help guide them through their buyer’s journey.

3. Failing to Operate the Vehicle in the Proper Manner

Simply having a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing website does not automatically render it an effective marketing vehicle.  To be effective, a school marketing website needs to be operated properly.  It needs to be prospect-driven.  Unfortunately, many schools lose sight of this and instead place more emphasis on the current community, and rather than serving as a marketing vehicle, their website becomes little more than a glorified school calendar or brag book.

To avoid this roadblock, website design and content considerations should not revolve around the current community.  As a marketing tool, your website should first and foremost contain content meaningful and relevant to prospective families.  Content designed to attract visitors who are looking for ways to address their challenges and solve their problems.

Please note: It is important to communicate with your current community; however, there are other platforms on which to do this.

Making the effort to avoid these roadblocks can lead you to develop your school website into a powerful marketing vehicle, one that can attract the right visitors and lead to enrollment growth for your school.

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