5 Tips for Coming Up With Great Blog Topics for Your Private School

Posted by Kylee Bowman on Apr 17, 2018 3:02:50 PM

It’s a tale as old as time...or at least as old as your middle school days.

You know you have to write something - a research paper, a book review, a history report, what have you - but you just don’t know where to begin, or even what you’re going to write about.

Fast forward a decade or two, and here you are on the other side of the education continuum, knowing that you’re supposed to write a blog for your private school in order to boost your marketing efforts and wrestling with what exactly you should write about now. And, you know this blog isn’t just a once-and-done deal. If you want it to be effective at driving traffic to your website and prospects to your school, you must post fresh content regularly (at least weekly).

As a head of school, admissions director, or other private school administrator, we know your schedule is already packed to the brim with the daily tasks of managing academics, enrollment, logistics and more. Who has time to spend hours poring over blog posts? How can you credibly write about enough things to keep your various audiences engaged?

Managing a blog can be a massive task, but it doesn’t have to rest all on your shoulders. In fact, to do it well, you must delegate some responsibility. The good news? You have an arsenal of talent at your fingertips in the form of your fellow staff, parents, alumni, and even students.

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How To Attract Millennial Parents To Your Private School

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Apr 3, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Ah, Millennials.

The oft-maligned, highly sought-after, always stereotyped, elusive yet pervasive audience.

And the ones that make up most – if not all – of the new parents who will enroll in your school for the next several years. As such, you had better be equipped now to reach, attract, and serve this generation. These parents are the future (and, in many ways, the present) of your school.

If you're an over-40 Head of School and you think you can keep marketing your private school the same way you have for the past 10 (or even 5) years, you may not even be conscious of the absolute necessity of a mindset shift.

The Millennial generation – like each that preceded it – comes with a unique DNA that distinguishes those who comprise it. Their values, thought-processes, dreams, and how they do things are even shaping society, just as they themselves have been shaped by societal changes in their lifetimes.

If you want to continue attracting new students to your school, you must reach their Millennial parents. And if you want to reach Millennial parents, you need to know who they are and what makes them tick.

That's why we're here – because one sure thing about Millennials is they are online and well-informed, and we have spent years honing proven ways to connect with them. So let's get started.


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How a School Board Can Solve Your School Marketing Problems Once & For All

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Mar 27, 2018 3:36:10 PM

Spinning in circles.

Trying the same thing all over again with the same poor results.

Shooting blindly.

If any of these statements seem to describe your private school’s marketing efforts in recent years, then we understand (and we’ve seen) your frustration.

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A Proven DIY School Marketing System: Get Started With Schola University

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Mar 20, 2018 3:30:00 PM

Want to get the ball rolling on an inbound marketing strategy for your school, so you’re up and running come next school year?

That’s great! So, do you know all the pieces that have to work together to create a seamless and successful inbound campaign that reaches more parents and builds the kind of trust with them that moves them to visit, apply, and enroll in your school?

Or, are you just thinking you’ll start a blog, post on social media, and put out some online ads?

Sure, those things are paramount players in any good inbound strategy, but if you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you’ll know that there’s more to the story.

Email nurturing campaigns. Marketing automation. Keyword optimization. Buyer personas. Prospect focused graphic design. Compelling calls to action. Intuitive websites. Premium content. CRMs. Word of Mouth Marketing. Backlink strategies. On-page SEO. Off-page SEO.

That’s just the beginning. School inbound marketing takes an investment of time and a combination of professional skills and capabilities. And while you may have all that you need within your staff and at your fingertips, you could probably use some help planning and executing the process so that you don’t waste your school’s valuable time and resources.

Over the past 5 years, Schola Inbound Marketing has perfected its marketing and admissions systems. The results are extraordinary. Schola’s team has helped many private schools grow enrollment through the implementation and execution of an inbound marketing strategy that covers admissions, word of mouth marketing and offline strategies, content marketing, and retention strategies.  

The problem is that Schola’s premium retainer services are not affordable for all schools.  In order to solve this problem, Schola University was created to help school leaders who want to empower their staff members to learn and execute school marketing strategies and tactics on their own.  

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3 School Marketing Mistakes You're Making That Ignore the Buyer's Journey

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Mar 13, 2018 3:05:00 PM

You're in the market for a new car, so you hop online to do some research on potential models, prices, and features. On one of the dealers' websites, when you're perusing their inventory, you see a big “BUY NOW!” button. So you click it and - congratulations! - you’ve just bought a car for a cool twenty grand without ever having to touch it, sit in it, or test drive it.

Or, maybe your growing family is planning to move to a larger home. You're browsing real estate listings in your area, find a lovely estate with great-looking photos that's right in your price range, and you decide to buy it on the spot, clicking on the listing Realtor's email link and putting in your offer.

The scenarios seem somewhat implausible, don't they?

Sure, there are rare situations where someone might make a big purchase such as a car or home blindly, but they are few and far between. For the most part, big financial and lifestyle investments like these take meticulous research, abundant thought, and a good measure of time.

How much more important is a family's decision on where to send their child to school?

Not only is education a massive monetary investment, but it's also a family culture decision, and one that parents' realize can shape the course of their child's entire future. This is not a decision that parents take lightly, and for good reason. In fact, I venture to say that education ranks as one of your top five life decisions, along with who to marry, whether to have kids, where to live, and what your career path will be.

Don't cheapen your school – and the weighty education decision – by treating it like just another commodity purchase.

Of course, you may think that you would never do that. You understand the investment that parents are making when they choose to entrust their children into your school's hands. But we've seen many school administrators market their school as if it were just another hot product on the shelves.

These types of mistakes don't do your potential buyers (parents) any favors; they fact, it very well may turn them off to your school. A savvy head of school or admissions director takes time to understand the complexities and phases that parents go through in their “buyers journey;” that is, the process that takes them from just researching school options, to narrowing the pool, to deciding where to visit, and then where they'll apply and so on. It's a process that can take months, and, for some families, even years, and it must be respected and understood if you want to be successful in your school admissions strategy.

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