3 Reasons Your School Marketing Must Use Live Video (& 7 Ideas for When to Do It)

Posted by Ralph Cochran on Jun 12, 2018 3:01:00 PM

What is a private school's primary admissions objective - and biggest challenge - in its quest to reach new potential families?

My guess is that many of you answered: “Getting them to visit our school.”

True, if you can get a prospective parent to tour your campus, their likelihood of applying skyrockets as high as 80% (based on Schola's client results). The visit is even more crucial when a secondary (generally 6th-12th grade) student is visiting, considering that parents of these older kids will likely seek their child’s input on the school much more than grammar school parents.

But you have to make them WANT to visit you in the first place. And therein lies your biggest school marketing challenge.

Your primary objective in order to meet that challenge effectively? You must CONNECT with parents - in a meaningful and personal way - early in their buyer’s journey.

This is where most schools who are relying on traditional marketing strategies fall flat - to the detriment of their enrollment numbers. Even the best radio or direct mail campaign will only get you 1-3% results - and that's even a high estimate. Often, these leads simply take the form of a phone call or an email (not a visit), which is a long way up the road from enrolling.

Here’s the reality: your school is competing against other private (and public) schools in your area for the same pool of students. If you want to rise above your competitors in the minds and hearts of parents, you’ve got to connect early. Not just tell about your awesome programs. Not just invite them to your open house. Not just tout your awards.


With education being such a massive and emotional decision for parents, they have to believe you are trustworthy, and that you are like-minded with their family culture, long before they will contact you. Every single tentacle you reach out to prospective parents should seek to make a meaningful connection with something deep-seated in their hearts. It's even better if the medium allows them to interact WITH you in a non-threatening, edifying way.

Enter live video: an inexpensive, invaluable, ingenious way to do just that.

Thanks to advances in technology, schools can use video to emotionally connect with prospects in a manner that was often too expensive just a few years ago. Taking it a step further by using live video gives you an organic way to build emotional connections with parents that reveal the heart of your school without being over-produced.

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Our Recommendations: 9 Tech Solutions for Private School Marketing

Posted by Kylee Bowman on Jun 5, 2018 3:54:21 PM

Between graphic design, video hosting, email nurturing, enrollment management and beyond, inbound marketing for schools requires many moving parts and a full range of tech savvy.

Does your school have the tools you need to make the process smooth and simple for your staff and families?

Considering that the vast majority of your prospective families will research you online before they even contact you, and most of them are more than adept at using technology for their daily tasks and interactions, you absolutely must ensure your online content presents your school as relevant and fresh. If you cannot show your ability to connect with families and students via the online world, you’ll likely lose many parents before they even give you a chance for a personal visit.

We often get requests from our clients for software, programs, and online platforms that can help them manage communication, enrollment, and more. And truly, in our years of providing inbound and enrollment marketing strategies for schools, we’ve gotten our hands in plenty of products that have worked well (and a few that haven’t) to take care of business.

So, if you’re looking for new solutions that can help your school office work smarter next school year, consider trying out some of these during the summer to see what works, so you’re ready to implement when the school year starts!

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5 Ways to Keep Your School Marketing Momentum Going Through the Summer

Posted by Kylee Bowman on May 29, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Ahhh, summer break.

For your school, it has likely either just begun or it’s peeking right around the corner, mere days away.

It’s a time for you and your tireless, tedious marketing efforts to kick back, close your eyes, and bask in the summer sunlight with a drink in your hand until August, right? Vacation vibes only for the next few months!

(Hold on a moment while we gather our composure from our laughter over here.)

Well, now that’s over with...no, your school marketing plan can’t take a summer vacation. If it does, your enrollment numbers will likewise take a hiatus. And that’s something that your private school probably can’t afford.

Summer is still an active season for school admissions (think of all those families who found the school year so busy they didn’t take the time to complete the process, the ones who are still weighing their options and haven’t yet decided, and the ones who are planning ahead for next year). With that in mind, your private school marketing activities need to keep forging ahead at nearly full throttle.

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Are You Coming Next Month? Schola to Teach at ACCS Conference in June

Posted by Sue Carback on May 23, 2018 2:55:16 PM

As the school year winds down, it’s time for school leaders to make summer plans for professional development.

Will you be attending the ACCS Repairing The Ruins Conference in Frisco, Texas?

Continuing Education for Christian Educators

Every year in June, the Association for Classical & Christian Schools (ACCS) sponsors one of its biggest events - the Repairing the Ruins Conference. The purpose of this annual conference is to gather school leaders so they may reconnect with the roots of Classical Christian Education. The ACCS desires to help Christian schools and universities grow and flourish so they may produce outstanding and passionate students, while glorifying the Lord.

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10 Tips for Compelling Calls to Action on Your Private School Website

Posted by Ralph Cochran on May 18, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Get more parents to give you their contact information, RSVP for your tours, and apply to your school on your website.

I’m guessing that’s something that you want. And you’re interested in finding out just how to do that, right? So, if that opening line had a link with it, you might be pretty darn likely to click on it.

That, my friends, is something that makes for a good Call to Action (or, in marketing industry speak, CTA). And if you want all of your private school marketing efforts and website design to pay off, then you need compelling CTAs.

A CTA can serve one of several purposes:

  • to generate leads (i.e., get parents who visit your website to give you their contact information)
  • to nurture leads (enticing parents who are already on your contact list to take advantage of more of your content)
  • to promote an event (RSVP for your tour or open house), or
  • to close the sale (a button to “Apply Now”)

CTAs often come in the form of buttons or graphics that, when clicked, take visitors to a landing page with a form or give them a step to connect with you further online or by phone. They can take on many shapes and sizes, but they all have the same goal: to get the visitor to take action by clicking on the CTA.

Want to know the keys to making these CTAs work hard for you generating leads and applications?

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