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Marketing is undergoing a seismic shift. The Internet is profoundly affecting how schools interact with parents, students and the community.  We can help your school adapt and grow. 


Recruit Students

Traditional marketing just doesn't cut it anymore. Modern parents rely more and more on the Internet to get the information they want when they need it.

Designing and executing digital strategies that reach the right parents is a job for specialists.

Student Retention

Keeping the students you have now is critical for your school to grow in both numbers and for the overall culture of the school. It is no secret that it is much more expensive to obtain a new student than keep the ones you have. The importance of having a retention strategy and building trust with your current parents is a key ingredient in growing your school.

Strategic Positioning

How do outsiders view your school online and offline? Are you the best-kept secret in town? Positioning your school as a thought leader and blessing to the community is critical for long term growth and word of mouth marketing. The school is a critical institution in any community and a Christian school has a major impact on the legacy of Christian leaders.

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Word Of Mouth
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Grow Student Enrollment & Increase Retention

It is no secret that word of mouth marketing drives most of the new students to your school. The challenge is knowing how to exponentially increase and amplify the powerful conversations your parents are having with prospective families.  We help you build and train a word of mouth team to spread the word in your community that produces results. 

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Paid Search Marketing


Increasing Website Traffic Equals More Prospective Students

Is your school website attracting the right prospects? Excellent SEO coupled with Paid Search Marketing is a powerful formula for increasing your prospective student leads. Facebook Advertising done well is a game changer for private school marketing. Remarketing through Google and Facebook ads can result in dramatic increases in visibility, traffic, and leads. We build, manage, and deliver results using Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, and other paid search services.

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Content Marketing
Local Online Branding


Thought Leadership and Prospect Generating Website Design

Is your website pretty for parents or designed to attract prospects?  Is your website designed to grow visibility, attract new traffic and convert it to campus visits? Creating high-quality content targeted at your ideal prospective parents with an optimized website designed for lead generation can be a game changer for positioning your school as a thought leader in your community. We help you design, build, manage and deliver frequent and meaningful content to attract prospective parents.

Together we increase your school's prospects and enrollment

We help schools attract mission appropriate prospective parents and nurture them to enroll their children at your school. We do this by raising awareness about your school in the community so it is no longer the best kept secret in town.

Our team consists of marketing experts, designers and content writers who understand the specific needs of private schools. To help you get started we offer three pricing packages.

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Ralph Cochran

Ralph Cochran

Ralph is a fifteen-year veteran of implementing marketing and development growth strategies for Christian Schools and businesses. He is President of Schola, an inbound marketing agency committed to helping Christian schools grow enrollment.  Due to his vast experience, Ralph has a reputation for correctly assessing a client’s situation and bringing an effective solution to the table. His fresh and practical ideas have increased enrollment and retention while growing revenue and fundraising at Christian Schools. So whether it is a retention plan, enrollment marketing plan, capital campaign, or annual fund, Ralph has tried and used the most effective strategies to obtain results.  He is passionate about helping schools overcome the “gap” in their budget through strategically growing enrollment in order that a school can become financially sustainable.  READ MORE